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Reading and Writing

October 12, 2009

One of the things about blogging that seems to be true is that the more you read, the more you write. I suppose it’s true for other forms of writing too. I’m certainly finding it to be true myself.

One of the reasons I haven’t blogged much in the past two months is that I haven’t been reading many blogs in that time period. There are lots of reasons why, but I can certainly see the truth of the statement. Lately, I’ve been reading blogs again and find myself with more to say. Huh.

Here’s a snippit from an interesting post I read the other day, from Craig Groeschel:

When I meet people from our church, they often tell me more with their words than they realize.

They almost always say one of two things:

  • “I go to your church.”
  • “I love our church.”

People who respond the first way generally just attend the church. People who go the 2nd route tend to be the church.

The spiritual connection: Are we attending or being church?

Reducing Word Count

October 9, 2009

One of the interesting things about our recent super series titled People Matter was the daily devotional. We asked people to limit their devotions to 500 words or less. Having a cap on the text forced people to get to the point—to trim the fat and leave the meat.

I find that I use lots of unnecessary words. I’m trying to be better at self-editing, especially on long emails or letters. Trim the fat and keep the meat. I believe people are so over-exposed to information that they’ll thank me for it. (Unnecessary aside: please don’t actually thank me for short emails.) Whenever possible, I like to follow the way of doing email.

As a church, we probably need to “trim some fat” from our communications. The extra words can sometimes cause the message to be lost. We’re working on it, by the way. We’re still working with a consultant to improve our communications strategy. It’s an incredibly long (and sometimes frustrating) process. But I think it will help us communicate more effectively.

So here’s the theological question: Are there areas of our life where we need to “trim the fat” to better communicate the Gospel?

St. Francis of Assisi thinks so. He wrote:

Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.

By the way, this post has 228 words, including these.

Freelancing Redux: Writing

December 19, 2008

I got an offer to write about incorporating new “tools’” in youth ministry.  The working title they sent along to me is: Are you Afraid of the iPod?: Learning to Use New Tools.  I’m not sure how many items I’ll be focusing on, but one of them will surely be blogs.  Any ideas what else would be good to include?

Writing Habits

March 24, 2008

Seth Godin had an interesting post about some bad habits in his writing, specifically using the word “just” and “sort of” in his writing.  I’m curious if anyone here has noticed what my “bad habits” are while writing on the blog.  I’m trying to cut down on clutter in my posts and would love your help!  I’m hoping it will also help me more clearly communicate both here and in other media types for my ministry.