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Threaded Comments Are Here

February 21, 2009

WordPress recently upgraded their comment system so that we can have threaded comments.  You can see an example of it in their announcement.  I’ve turned it on for this blog, which should help for replying to comments.  Enjoy!


May 12, 2008

Our home computer has been running slowly for a long time now.  I tried erasing everything and starting from scratch about 3 months ago but the problem still persisted.  I didn’t think the computer was that old, but when I checked my purchase history at NewEgg, it showed I was already pushing past 4 years on this PC.  $360 later I had an almost entirely new machine.  For the techies who read (is that just Joe?), I ended up with:

After about 4 hours, the machine was up and running with Windows XP installed and patched up, Network/Video/Sound drivers updated, and Firefox installed.  This morning I got down to tweaking Firefox with my favorite add-ons.  Next up is getting Microsoft Office and iTunes installed.