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Reading and Writing

October 12, 2009

One of the things about blogging that seems to be true is that the more you read, the more you write. I suppose it’s true for other forms of writing too. I’m certainly finding it to be true myself.

One of the reasons I haven’t blogged much in the past two months is that I haven’t been reading many blogs in that time period. There are lots of reasons why, but I can certainly see the truth of the statement. Lately, I’ve been reading blogs again and find myself with more to say. Huh.

Here’s a snippit from an interesting post I read the other day, from Craig Groeschel:

When I meet people from our church, they often tell me more with their words than they realize.

They almost always say one of two things:

  • “I go to your church.”
  • “I love our church.”

People who respond the first way generally just attend the church. People who go the 2nd route tend to be the church.

The spiritual connection: Are we attending or being church?

Working For The Church

November 12, 2007

Sometimes, working for a church can be a tiring thing.  There is an expectation at many churches that their staff work long hours (much longer than they should), struggling to get all of the “necessary” work done, not to mention the “unnecessary” work that is really the more important stuff.  Churches often under staff because of money, leaving too few people to do too little work.  Then, on top of that, they leave their staff out to dry by cutting budget funding for ministry, complaining or criticizing far more than encouraging and supporting, or just plain not caring about the worker as a person.

This why I love my current church.  They are just about the polar opposite of everything I’ve listed above.  There is a staff care committee (the dreaded c-word!) that provides lunch for the staff several times each year.  They give us birthday and Christmas gifts.  We get cards from the church for anniversaries and birthdays.  Debbie Ferrante, our prayer ministries leader, is in the early stages of forming PIT Crews for each staff person.  This Personal Intercessory Team will meet with the staff person once per month for directed prayer for the staffer, their family and their ministry.

Sue and I talk about our church to other church workers all the time.  They are constantly amazed at the level of support we get from our congregation.  I feel so blessed to be a part of the body of believers at First Trinity.  They are passionate, loving people who care for one another and for their staff.  They care about the community 50 feet outside our doors, as well as the community as far south as New Orleans and Haiti.  They are wonderful encouragers, who make serving in ministry fun, rewarding and a blessing.

Why am I thinking about this now?  Because we celebrated Pastor Whited’s 5 years of service among us this weekend.  We’ll also celebrate Ruth’s 35 years among us later this month.  What a great church!