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Returning To …

It’s hard to return to something you did regularly in the past. I thought of it in the context of blogging, but it struck me that it’s not unlike returning to church. Often, people will fall away from the church for a bit and then feel awkward going back. Then they don’t go back for a while and it gets more awkward.

The thing is, we’d love to have (the figurative) you back! It might be weird at first, but that passes after a bit. And we’re not judging you for being away, we’re just glad to see you again!

But I’m talking about blogging, really, and my return. Hope you’re glad to see me again and not judging my absence. 🙂


  1. Welcome back. Looking forward to your posts again 🙂

  2. So glad you are back! I have missed hearing your thoughts. Looking forward to your posts again too.

  3. Nice to have you back. I enjoy hearing from you as to what the “younger” generation is thinking and doing.

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