L is for Lutheran

March 6, 2008

After watching the results show this evening, I’ve come to the realization that I am a Lutheran where Lutheran=Loser in the “L” to the forehead sense.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, call Kathy at church tomorrow any time after 11 a.m.  I did not do well this evening in Fantasy Idol.  I’m ok with Kady and Luke going home, but there was no easy choice after them.  I’d be OK with Danny going home if he weren’t on my team.  The standings after this evening:

  1. Jaime (12)
    Karen (12)
    MomH (12)
    Annie (12)
  2. Sue (11)
    Alicia (11)
  3. Jason (10)
    Kathy (10)
  4. Tracy (9)

Jason Christ

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2 responses to L is for Lutheran

  1. I realized last night that Annie and I have the exact same team. 🙂 Annie, let’s take it all the way!

    I think it’s a good top 12… variety, voices and personalities. Of course, Danny would’ve added more variety and personality.

    Tracy — you’re the best Lutheran of us all!

  2. Indeed she is… 🙂